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  • I was born on October 2

I am a huge fan of the Kanon series, and I love the visual novel as well as both of its anime adaptations. Yes, even the 2002 version.

Due to Kanon's lacking popularity, this Wiki has been left with many incomplete pages or articles that need to be completely rewritten. My top priorities will be the gallery and soundtrack pages as of now. I am not the best at adding information to pages, but I may try to write out some information eventually.

Due to personal things going on in my life, my editing may seem a bit inconsistent. Sometimes I can go multiple weeks without editing, and other times I'll be spamming the Wiki Activity with my edits.

I am the current head admin of the Wiki, so feel free to leave any questions or concerns you may have on my Message Wall.

To-do List Edit

  • Upload images of the other light novel covers? (Complicated. Found images but all small and low quality.)
  • Upload screenshots of the remaining 2002 episodes. (Done taking screenshots, but they all have black borders that will have to be removed.)
  • Upload soundtracks? (Some may be missing.)

Wiki's I Most Frequent Edit

Opinions On Things In The Series Edit

Favorite Character: Shiori

Least Favorite Character: I like all of them, but if I had to choose, it would be Jun

Favorite Ships: Yuichi x Shiori, and Mai x Sayuri

Least Favorite Ship: Yuichi x Ayu (I don't hate it, but it just felt incredibly forced.)

Favorite Song: Kaze no Tadoritsuku Basho (aka the ending song!)

Favorite OST (2002 anime adaptation): Mai Kawasumi (A page for the soundtrack doesn't exist yet.)

Favorite OST (Visual novel/2006 anime adaptation): Yume no Ato (A Dream's Remnants), but I also really like Little fragments

Favorite Episode: The Disappearing Adagio (episode 18)

Shiori support This user supports Shiori Misaka.
YuichixShiori This user supports the pairing of Yuichi Aizawa and Shiori Misaka.
0056 This user supports the pairing of Mai Kawasumi and Sayuri Kurata.
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