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A dream... The day my dreams became endless... I could only... Like always, wait at my usual spot... forever and ever, just waiting... That was all I had... So... I'm still waiting...
— Monologue by Ayu
Kanon 2002 Anime Episode 4
To the Night
Kanji 夜へ
Rōmaji Yoru e
Release Date 14 February 2002
Production Staff
Screenplay Ryota Yamaguchi, Hiroaki Sotoyama
Storyboard Hiroyuki Kakudou
Episode Director Hiroyuki Kakudou
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To the Night (夜へ, Yoru e?) is the fourth episode of the 2002 anime series Kanon.


Yuichi finds Mai Kawasumi in battle at night in the school building. Following an incident at lunch with a stray dog the next day, he joins her for lunch. After school, he joins Ayu in her search for a precious object, with no results. That night, he brings Mai some dinner.





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