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A dream... There is an end to dreams... Happy dreams, angry dreams. The dream ends when your mother wakes you while you're in your warm bed. The morning scenery that never changes. But... right now...

— Monologue by Ayu.
Kanon 2002 Anime Episode 6
Those Girls' Opinions
Kanji 彼女たちの見解
Rōmaji Kanojotachi no Kenkai
Release Date 21 February 2002
Production Staff
Screenplay Ryota Yamaguchi, Hiroaki Sotoyama
Storyboard Naoyuki Itou
Episode Director Naoyuki Itou
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Those Girls' Opinions (彼女たちの見解, Kanojotachi no Kenkai?) is the sixth episode of the 2002 anime series Kanon.


Yuichi searches for Makoto at night, and finds her in the shopping district. Shadowing her, he follows her to the hill overlooking the city and discovers that she found a stray cat. He takes both of them home, and the cat is named Piroshiki. Yuichi and Sayuri convince Mai to take part in the upcoming ball. Piro and Akiko fall ill, and Makoto and Ayu take care of them.