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A dream... A dream of that day... That season where we ran together. The sparkling afternoon sunlight, that I prayed would last forever. The same dreams, over and over again. Like a broken record, over and over...
— Monologue by Ayu.
Kanon 2002 Anime Episode 5
The Fox and the Grapes
Kanji The Fox and the Grapes
Rōmaji The Fox and the Grapes
Release Date 21 February 2002
Production Staff
Screenplay Ryota Yamaguchi
Storyboard Hidehiko Kadota
Episode Director Hidehiko Kadota
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Next Those Girls' Opinions


The Fox and the Grapes is the fifth episode of the 2002 anime series Kanon.


Mai is implicated by the student council for some broken windows. Yuichi visits Mai again at night, but Makoto attracts the attention of the night watch. Makoto runs away from Akiko's house after a heated quarrel with Yuichi.





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