TV Animation Kanon Vol 2

The cover of TV Animation Edition Kanon Soundtrack Volume 2

TV Animation Edition Kanon Soundtrack Volume 2 is the second original soundtrack released for the first Kanon anime series, which was made by Toei Animation. It was released on July 5, 2002 in Japan by Movic bearing the catalog number MACM-1156. The soundtrack contains two discs with fifty-five songs altogether that were composed, arranged, and produced by Shinji Orito, Jun Maeda, OdiakeS, Kōji Ueno, and Hiroyuki Kōzu. Miho Fujiwara provides vocals for two songs, Florescence and Flower. Some of the tracks are new arrangements of music featured in the Kanon visual novel.

Track listEdit

Disc OneEdit

  1. Florescence - Preview Version
  2. Yume no Ato II ("A Dream's Remnants")
  3. Yume no Ato music box I ("A Dream's Remnants")
  4. Nayuki Minase II
  5. Yume no Ato plus strings I ("A Dream's Remnants")
  6. Time Suspense II
  7. Zenchou ("Omen")
  8. Mukai orchestra I ("Misty Sea")
  9. Butoukai ("Dance Party")
  10. Ketsui ("Determination")
  11. Hazumu Kimochi II ("Lively Feelings")
  12. Yume no Ato plus strings II ("Remnants of a Dream")
  13. Flower softly version
  14. Taiji ("Confrontation")
  15. Mamono o Utsumono I ("Demon Slayer")
  16. Florescence painful version
  17. Yasuragi no Shunkan ("Moment of Peace")
  18. Semari Kuru Kage ("Approaching Shadow")
  19. Mamono o Utsumono II ("Demon Slayer")
  20. Mamono o Utsumono III ("Demon Slayer")
  21. Mamono o Utsumono IV ("Demon Slayer")
  22. Mamono o Utsumono V ("Demon Slayer")
  23. Mamono o Utsumono VI ("Demon Slayer")
  24. Mamono o Utsumono VII ("Demon Slayer")
  25. Toudo Kougen I ("Tundra Plateau")
  26. Toudo Kougen II ("Tundra Plateau")
  27. Mitasareta Kioku ("Fulfilled Memories")
  28. Makoto to no Wakare plus guitar ("Farewell with Makoto")
  29. Ayu Tsukimiya plus intro
  30. Shizuka na Kanashimi plus intro ("Quiet Sadness")
  31. Florescence impressive version
  32. Flower music box version

Disc TwoEdit

  1. Florescence preview short version
  2. Shiori Misaka guitar version
  3. Shiori Misaka II
  4. Mai Kawasumi II
  5. Hazumu Kimochi comical version ("Lively Feelings")
  6. Hazumu Kimochi easy version ("Lively Feelings")
  7. Tsuiseki ("Pursuit")
  8. Kokoro no Odoro ("Thorn in the Heart")
  9. Meiro ("Maze")
  10. Maiochiru Fuan piano version ("Alighting Anxiety")
  11. Iradachi ("Irritation")
  12. Munasawagi II ("Apprehension")
  13. Tsumetai Manazashi ("Cold Glance")
  14. Mamono o Utsumono VIII ("Demon Slayer")
  15. Two Steps Toward
  16. Yakusoku music box I ("Promise")
  17. Yakusoku music box II ("Promise")
  18. Mukai orchestra II ("Misty Sea")
  19. Mukai orchestra III ("Misty Sea")
  20. Makoto to no Wakare ("Farewell with Makoto")
  21. Yume no Ato plus strings III ("Remnants of a Dream")
  22. Yume no Ato dramatic version ("Remnants of a Dream")
  23. Flower dramatic version


  • Altogether, this soundtrack is 115 minutes and 19 seconds long.
  • For one week in the Japanese music charts, this album's peak was at number 98.
  • This is the longest soundtrack out of all of the Kanon soundtracks, including the ones for the visual novel.
  • This is the third soundtrack released for the first Kanon anime series.
  • It is also the second TV animation soundtrack.
  • All of the songs were arranged by Hiroyuki Kōzu.
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