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It’s a 1:1 scale giant anteater. Isn’t it cute?.
The Suspicious Shop's Old Shopkeeper


Kanji 怪しい店の老店主
Rōmaji Ayashī Mise no Rō Tenshu
Appears in Anime
Voice Actor Flag of Japan Kenichi Mochizuki
English language Charles Campbell
Personal Info
Gender Male

  The Suspicious Shop's Old Shopkeeper (怪しい店の老店主 Ayashī Mise no Rō Tenshu?) is the proprietor of the general store that Yuichi visited with Sayuri and Shiori while trying to find a present for Mai's birthday. Sayuri then picks out a giant plush of an anteater, to which the shopkeeper is relieved as no one had expressed interest in purchasing it since it was first put on the shelves.


  • He bares a resemblance to Jeeves from the anime Sister Princess.
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