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Sayuri's father

Sayuri's Father.jpg

Kanji 佐祐理の父
Rōmaji Sayuri no Chichi
Appears in Anime
Voice Actor Japanese language Hiroshi Yanaka
English language John Swasey
Personal Info
Gender Male
Relatives Sayuri Kurata (daughter)
Kazuya Kurata (son, deceased)

  Sayuri's father (佐祐理の父 Sayuri no Chichi?) is very strict and raised Sayuri without spoiling her.


Sayuri's father is a member of the Diet, Japan's legislative body.[1] He is an authoritative parent, portrayed as constantly scolding his daughter. This is instilled in Sayuri when she watches over Kazuya, constantly attempting to toughen him up due to his physical weakness.


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