The cover of Recollections

Recollections is an arrange album for the Kanon visual novel. It had the game's greatest hits. It was first released on December 29, 2001 at Comiket 61 in Japan by Key Sounds Label. It bears the catalog number KSLA-0003, and was widely distributed on November 29, 2002. The album contains one disc with thirteen tracks which primarily takes tracks from the first two albums released for the Kanon visual novel, Anemoscope and Last regrets/Place of wind which arrives. Seven are from the Anemoscope, and three are from the Last regrets/Place of wind which arrives.

The album also contains three new arrangements of songs featured in the Kanon visual novel, which are two background music tracks, and a remix of the game's opening theme "Last regrets". The remix was an acoustic version sung by Lia. The tracks on the album were arranged by Shinji Orito, Magome Togoshi, and Ryō Okabe.

Track list Edit

  1. Pure Snows
  2. Last regrets (acoustic version)
  3. Asakage ("Morning Lights")
  4. The Fox and the Grapes
  5. Shōjo no Ori ("Girls' Prison")
  6. Hidamari no Machi ("A Sunny City")
  7. Fuyu no Hanabi ("Winter Fireworks")
  8. Kanojotachi no Kenkai ("The Girls' Opinions")
  9. Kaze o Matta Hi ("The Day I Waited for the Wind")
  10. Tōdo Kōgen ("Tundra Plateau")
  11. Zankō ("Afterglow")
  12. Umaretate no Kaze ("Newborn Wind")
  13. Little fragments


  • Altogether, this soundtrack is 64 minutes and 20 seconds long.
  • The entire album is available for purchase on iTunes.
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