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Young Yuichi: That doll will grant any wish you make.
Young Ayu: Any wish?
Young Yuichi: But only three of them.
Young Ayu: Will it really grant any wish I make?
Young Yuichi: Of course! But I'm the one granting them. So don't make any wishes that I can't grant.
Young Ayu: Okay. My first wish is...

— Monologue
Kanon 2002 Anime Episode 11
Kanji 約束
Rōmaji Yakusoku
Release Date 28 March 2002
Production Staff
Screenplay Makoto Nakamura, Shino Hiramatsu
Storyboard Hiroyuki Kakudou
Episode Director Hiroyuki Kakudou
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Promise (約束, Yakusoku?) is the eleventh episode of the 2002 anime series Kanon.


Yuichi and Ayu watch a movie together, and as they become closer, Nayuki is heartbroken. Ayu takes Yuichi to her school, but they make a startling discovery.