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The Old Man From the Taiyaki Shop
The Old Man From the Taiyaki Shop.jpg
Kanji たいやき屋のおやじ
Rōmaji Taiyakiya no Oyaji
Debut (Anime) Episode 01
Appears in Anime
Voice Actor Flag of Japan.svg Masayasu Nagata
English language.svg Charles Campbell
Personal Info
Gender Male


The Old Man From the Taiyaki Shop (たいやき屋のおやじ, Taiyakiya no Oyaji?) is the old man that sells Ayu her favorite food, Taiyaki, although he usually ends up chasing after her when she steals some after realizing she's out of money, though she promises that she will pay him back eventually.


Yuichi describes him as a old man with thinning hair and a kind and gentle face.[1] He is typically seen wearing an apron and a red hat along with his everyday attire.


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