Listen to Music Box Work Collection is an arrange album released for the first Kanon anime series, which was made by Toei Animation. It went on sale on July 25, 2003 in Japan by Movic bearing the catalog number MACM-1167. The album contains one disc with fifteen tracks of arranged versions of background music featured in the first Kanon anime which includes arrangements consisting of music boxes, pianos, harps, flutes, acoustic guitar, and other string instruments. All the tracks were composed by either Kōji Ueno, Hiroyuki Kōzu, or Masato Kamato, and arranged by Minami Nozaki.

Track listEdit

  1. Florescence
  2. Kita kara Hakobareru Kaze ("The Wind Carried from the North")
  3. Ayu Tsukimiya
  4. Kanojo no Iru Fuukei ("The Scenery Where She Exists")
  5. Shiori Misaka
  6. Yasuragi no Shunkan ("Moment of Peace")
  7. Mai Kawasumi
  8. Butoukai ("Dance Party")
  9. Makoto Sawatari
  10. Sepia-iro no Kodou ("Sepia Heartbeats")
  11. Mamono o Utsumono VII ("Demon Hunter")
  12. Mitasareta Kioku ("A Memory Fulfilled")
  13. Makoto to no Wakare ("Farewell with Makoto")
  14. Nayuki Minase
  15. Flower


  • The title of this album in Japanese is Orgel de Kiku Sakuhin Shū (オルゴールで聴く作品集)
  • All of the music on this album was composed by Hiroyuki Kōzu, except where noted.
  • For one week in the Japanese music charts, this album's peak was at number 241.
  • Altogether, this soundtrack is 50 minutes and 51 seconds long.
  • This is the fourth and final soundtrack released for the first Kanon anime series.
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