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# Title Original air date
01 "Silver Overture"

"Hakugin no Jokyoku ~overture~" (白銀の序曲 〜overture〜)

October 5, 2006
Yuichi Aizawa returns to the snowy town he used to stay as a child seven years ago, under the roof of his cousin, Nayuki Minase, and her mother, Akiko Minase. Nayuki reintroduces Yuichi to his surroundings, during which, other characters are introduced to most of the main cast, if only in passing.
02 "Introit in the Snow"

"Yuki no Naka no Nyūsaishō ~introit~" (雪の中の入祭唱 〜introit〜)

October 12, 2006
Today is Yuichi's first day at the local high school, and is admitted into Nayuki's class. As Yuichi is walking home to buy food for dinner, he runs into Ayu Tsukimiya, the girl from the day before, in the exact same situation. As they are walking home, they run into a quiet first-year student. When he goes to shop for groceries, a mysterious girl attacks him, but is exhausted from hunger.
03 "A Forgotten Partita"

"Kioku no nai Kumikyoku ~partita~" (記憶のない組曲 〜partita〜)

October 19, 2006
Bringing the girl that attacked him home, Yuichi finds out she has amnesia and it quickly becomes apparent that the only thing she is able to remember is that she has a grudge against him. Despite Yuichi wanting to hand her over to the police, Akiko lets the girl stay, and as she begins to stay longer, she recalls her name being Makoto Sawatari. At school, Yuichi sees the same first-year student from the day before standing in the courtyard; she introduces herself as Shiori.
04 "Holiday Caprice"

"Kyūjitsu no Kisōkyoku ~caprice~" (休日の奇想曲 〜caprice〜)

October 26, 2006
Yuichi reminisces about events of the past seven years ago concerning his first meeting with Ayu. Nayuki makes Yuichi return to school to retrieve her school notes she borrowed to him, and as he is leaving the premises, he runs into a third-year student, Mai Kawasumi, who is wielding a sword.
05 "Demon's Serenade"

"Mamonotachi no Sayokyoku ~serenade~" (魔物たちの小夜曲 〜serenade〜)

November 2, 2006
Yuichi runs into Mai and her friend, Sayuri Kurata, who invites him to eat lunch with them. When Makoto goes to buy food for Akiko, she uses the money to buy volumes of manga and nikuman. While Yuichi wants to scold Makoto to make her learn her lesson, Akiko simply decides to give Makoto her own allowance.
06 "A Mysterious Divertimento"

"Nazodarake no Kiyūkyoku ~divertimento~" (謎だらけの嬉遊曲 〜divertimento〜)

November 9, 2006
Yuichi wants Makoto to get a job in order to become more of a social person who has more common sense. On the same day as her interview, Yuichi goes out with Ayu to watch a scary movie, even though Ayu is completely terrified of horror films.
07 "The Runaway and the Kitten's Fugue"

"Iede to Koneko no Tonsōkyoku" (家出と仔猫の遁走曲 〜fuga〜)

November 16, 2006
Makoto starts her job working at a local nursery, and while walking home with Yuichi, they find a small, stray kitten, which is very affectionate towards Makoto. While talking on a bridge, Makoto drops the cat onto oncoming traffic, but it manages to survive. Yuichi gets angry at Makoto for this which causes Makoto to temporarily run away from home.
08 "The Fantasia of Reminiscence"

"Tsuioku no Gensōkyoku ~fantasie~" (追憶の幻想曲 〜fantasie〜)

November 23, 2006
Yuichi starts to spend more and more time with Makoto, and they become closer. However, a girl named Mishio Amano gives him an ominous warning about Makoto, and Yuichi's memories begin to resurface about her true identity.
09 "The Berceuse of the Baby Fox"

"Kogitsune no Komoriuta ~berceuse~" (子狐の子守歌 〜berceuse〜)

November 30, 2006
Makoto's strength starts deteriorating as Yuichi finally remembers everything about her. As her condition is worsening, Yuichi begins skipping classes to spend more time with her, hoping to buy her more time.
10 "Requiem Atop the Hill"

"Oka no Ue no Chinkonka ~requiem~" (丘の上の鎮魂歌 〜requiem〜)

December 7, 2006
Makoto's story finally comes to a resolution, while she spends her last moments bonding with her newly found family, and having all her wishes come true. Yuichi brings her to the place where she once belonged and performs a deep and personal ceremony for the two of them.
11 "Intermezzo of Light and Shadow"

"Hikari to Kage no Kansōkyoku ~intermezzo~" (光と影の間奏曲 〜intermezzo〜)

December 14, 2006
Mai is called to the school's office, under the suspicion that she has broken one of the school's windows. Yuichi concludes that if Mai were more popular, she would not get into trouble as often, and invites her to the upcoming dance festival. Ayu makes an appearance and is offered to stay in the Minase household.
12 "A Strange-Looking Waltz"

"Igyō no Enbukyoku ~waltz~" (異形の円舞曲 〜waltz〜)

December 21, 2006
Yuichi is starting to remember more about his past encounters with Ayu seven years ago, and the time he gave her a present, which he will grant three wishes for her. At school, Yuichi finally discovers that Shiori's surname is the same as Kaori Misaka, one of his classmates. He suspects they are siblings, though Kaori denies such a claim. As the dance festival starts without a hitch, it is not long before a demon comes to attack.
13 "A Dangerous Trio"

"Abunage na Sanjūsō ~trio~" (あぶなげな三重奏 〜trio〜)

December 28, 2006
After what happened at the dance, the student council president Kuze attempts to get Mai expelled, and Yuichi tries to get her out of the situation. At the same time, Yuichi is not content with just standing by and watching Mai fight the demons alone and decides to help her anyway he can.
14 "A Cracked Concerto"

"Hibiwareta Kyōsōkyoku ~concerto~" (ひびわれた協奏曲 〜concerto〜)

January 4, 2007
Sayuri is starting to get more worried about Mai and Yuichi, which causes Mai to try to drive her away in order to protect her. On Mai's birthday, Sayuri meets with Yuichi in town and tells more about her family situation before she met Mai. Later that night, Sayuri goes to school to surprise Mai, but while there Sayuri is suddenly ambushed by the creatures roaming the school grounds.
15 "Sonatina of Hide-and-Go-Seek"

"Kakurenbo no Kosōmeikyoku ~sonatina~" (かくれんぼの小奏鳴曲 〜sonatina〜)

January 11, 2007
Yuichi and Mai continue to battle the monsters, and when Yuichi is attacked, he is shown something he should not have forgotten years ago, which are the memories between him and Mai who has a mysterious power.
16 "Midnight Oratorio"

"Mayonaka no Seitankyoku ~oratorio~" (真夜中の聖譚曲 〜oratorio〜)

January 18, 2007
Keeping his promise to Shiori, Yuichi offers to take her around town for the day to some of Shiori's favorite places. During the night, Shiori's older sister Kaori meets with Yuichi, explaining why she denies her sibling relationship, and the mystery behind Shiori's illness.
17 "Lieder ohne Worte of an Elder Sister and a Younger Sister"

"Ane to Imōto no Mugonka ~Lieder ohne worte~" (姉と妹の無言歌 〜Lieder ohne worte〜)

January 25, 2007
With Shiori's birthday coming, Yuichi decides that he will try to do as much as he can for her, while she still has time. A week before her birthday, Shiori gets permission from her doctor to attend school for the remaining week, just like a regular student. Meanwhile, Kaori still insists on avoiding her, and warns Yuichi that Shiori might not survive long after her birthday passes.
18 "The Disappearing Adagio"

"Kiesari Yuku Kanjogakushō ~adagio~" (消え去りゆく緩徐楽章 〜adagio〜)

February 1, 2007
Shiori's birthday is days away and Yuichi wants to throw her a birthday party at a local café. He invites many students and classmates from school, along with Nayuki, Ayu, and even attempts to invite Kaori, who is reluctant to attend. As the minutes count down to midnight on her birthday, Yuichi and Shiori spend what could be their last moments together.
19 "The Étude of Contact"

"Fureai no Renshūkyoku ~étude~" (ふれあいの練習曲 〜étude〜)

February 8, 2007
The annual track meet tournament has come up, and Nayuki competes to win along with the rest of her teammates. A few days later, Yuichi again helps Ayu to try to find what she has been searching for, but they still cannot find it. Their time together in this endeavor brings the two of them closer than ever.
20 "The Nocturne of Farewell"

"Wakare no Yasōkyoku ~nocturn~" (別れの夜想曲 〜nocturn〜)

February 15, 2007
As Yuichi and Ayu grow closer, Nayuki feels that she is being neglected by him. Ayu finally leads Yuichi to where her "school" is in the woods, but all they find is a large clearing with a tree stump in the center. The realization is too much for Ayu, and the unexpected happens right before Yuichi, in that she disappears.
21 "The Rondo Without You"

"Kimi no Inai Rinbukyoku ~ronde~" (君のいない輪舞曲 〜ronde〜)

February 22, 2007
Ayu still has not come back, and Yuichi continues to search for her and her lost item. In the meantime, Nayuki tries to cheer Yuichi up while trying to jog his memory about what happened between them seven years ago. However, Akiko becomes the victim of a car accident, which could lead to devastating results.
22 "Symphony of Recollections"

"Tsuisō no Kōkyōgaku ~symphony~" (追想の交響楽 〜symphony〜)

March 1, 2007
As Akiko lies in the intensive care unit, Nayuki becomes deeply depressed. Locking herself in her bedroom, she refuses to leave. When she accidentally leaves her door unlocked, Yuichi uses the opportunity to talk with her, but she simply pushes him away. As Yuichi attempts to sleep it off, he dreams and discovers what happened to Ayu seven years ago. He leaves during a snow storm and heads for the woods, but soon collapses, and Makoto appears. When she kneels down to Yuichi's unconscious body, a bright light suddenly shines at them.
23 "The Scarlet Red Finale"

"Akane-iro no Shūkyoku ~finale~" (茜色の終曲 〜finale〜)

March 8, 2007
Waking up in an apartment, Yuichi meets an old acquaintance who he admired as a child named Makoto Sawatari. Back at their promised place, Yuichi sees Ayu again, and she asks for her third and final wish to be for Yuichi to forget about her, but Yuichi is unwilling to grant it. Ayu then makes a different wish, and disappears soon after in Yuichi's arms. Nayuki comes out of her depression, and she attempts to get her cousin out of his own.
24 "Canon at the End of the Dream"

"Yume no Hate no Tsuifukukyoku ~kanon~" (夢の果ての追復曲 〜kanon〜)

March 15, 2007
A miracle occurs and everyone is healed of their her illness or injury. Mai, Sayuri and Shiori return to school, while Akiko comes home. In a startling discovery, Akiko reveals to Yuichi on the events after Ayu's accident and Yuichi finally finds her, lying comatose in the hospital. As time goes on, everyone moves on with their lives, but Yuichi still clings to the hope that she will eventually wake up. However, he is still missing a final piece of his puzzle, before Ayu can truly end living in a dream. In the end, Ayu wakes up and is still together with Yuichi. Just before the closing credits, a familiar fox can be seen walking just beyond the stump, slightly blurred into the background.
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