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Last Regrets

Ayu in the 2006 Kanon Anime opening
Ayu in the 2006 Kanon Anime opening

Singer Ayana (I've Sound)
Lyric Jun Maeda
Music Jun Maeda
Arrangement Kazuya Takase (I've Sound)

  Last regrets is the opening song of the Kanon visual novel. The short version is also used as an insert song in 2002 anime adaptation and the opening scene for the 2006 anime adaptation. The song is released in several versions in several singles and albums.

The visual novel and anime opening versions only use the first eight lines of the lyrics. While the visual novel version include the bridge, the anime version is cut immediately after the eighth line.

Another version is Last Regrets -X'mas floor style- remix which is played on Shiori's arc at the sixteenth episode, sung by Eiko Shimamiya, Ayana's bandmate in I've Sound. The song is featured in their indie album "regret", which was released on December 24, 1999 along with Ayana's original version. An instrumental acoustic version of Last regrets also played during the eighteenth episode.

There is a hidden track of a male vocal version of "Last regrets" sung by Kazuya Takase of I've Sound after the last track of the Last regrets/Place of wind which arrives album.



ありがとう 言わないよ


おはよう 目覚めは
さよなら 許せない

低い雲 風を待つ静けさ


Arigatō iwanaiyo
zutto shimatte oku

sayonara wa kagerinai
yume no ato shizuka ni oritatsu

ryōteni wa furisosogu kakera wo
itsumademo itsumademo daite

saigo made waratteru tsuyosa wo
mō shitteita

ohayō mezame wa
mabushikute kanashii

sayonara yurusenai
bokutachi no yowasa ga yokatta

futari ni wa arifureta yasashisa
hana no yōni koi no yōni utsurou

hikui kumo kaze wo matsu shizukesa
mō kikoenai

ryōteni wa furisosogu kakera wo
itsumademo itsumademo daite

saigo made waratteru tsuyosa wo
mō shitteita

mō nakanai
mō nakanai

I won't say thank you
I'll keep it to myself forever

Words of farewell will drop
Silently after a crystal clear dream

Holding flakes rained from the sky in my hands
I embrace them forever and ever

I already knew
The strength of smiling until the end

Good morning
Waking is dazzlingly sad

I'm glad that our weakness
Wouldn't let us say goodbye

Like love, this routine kindness between us
Blooms like a flower

The low clouds, the silence waiting for the wind
I can no longer hear them

Always, always embracing
The fragments that rained into my hands

I already had the strength
To keep smiling to the end

I won't cry anymore
I won't cry anymore
I won't cry...


Visual Novel version[]

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Anime version[]

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