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Kanji 久瀬
Rōmaji Kuze
Voice Actor Flag of Japan Hiroshi Kamiya (2002 anime/drama CD), Kenji Nojima (2006 anime)
English language Jay Hickman
Flag of South Korea Yoon Dong Ki
Personal Info
Gender Male


Kuze (久瀬 Kuze?) is the student council president at Yuichi's school. He is very hard on Mai Kawasumi for her damaging the school and once thought of expelling her.


Kuze's appearance is not shown in the visual novel, however, it is shown in the 2002 and 2006 anime.

In the anime, he has short brown hair that is parted at the middle. He is typically seen wearing the school uniform consisting of a blue jacket with a beige sweater. The only exception to this is when he attends the school ball, wearing formal attire.


Kuze tends to be very full of himself and enjoys talking down to people such as Mai Kawasumi due to his standing in the school. Kuze is shown to have a short temper, as he did not hesitate to yell at Mai at the end of the dance party when most of the inside of the building had been destroyed, despite her not being the main cause of the trouble.


Kuze is a second-year student. His father is an acquaintance of Sayuri's father.[1]

Role In The StoryEdit

Kuze's main involvement in the story is during Mai Kawasumi's arc. He first appears at the ballroom dance party where he warns Mai that if she does anything out of line that he will find some way to expel her for sure. Unfortunately for Mai, one of the demons attacks the dance party early on, and Kuze immediately tries to get her expelled for what transpired, despite her not being the main cause of the damage. After Jun Kitagawa gets Mai off the hook, Kuze does not easily want to back down, and tries to threaten Sayuri Kurata, telling her that the next time Mai causes trouble, Sayuri will also be punished if she continues to protect Mai. Before he can finish, however, Mai tells him that she will never forgive him if he harms Sayuri in any way, prompting Kuze to walk away in defeat. He does not appear in the story after this point.


Episode 04 - To the Night

Episode 5 - The Fox and the Grapes

Episode 12 - A Strange-Looking Waltz

Episode 13 - A Dangerous Trio

Quotes Edit

  • “A formal greeting like that hardly feels appropriate.”
  • “Whatever your position and truth may be, the student council will never take her side.”
  • “We like to think we run it for the benefit of the honest majority.”
  • “Every window is a part of the school, which is a symbol of educational discipline.”

  • “I see. But the next time she causes trouble, that’ll be it. She’ll be expelled. And then you’ll have to pay the price for having protected Kawasumi.”


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