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Jun Kitagawa


Kanji 北川 潤
Rōmaji Kitagawa Jun
Voice Actor Flag of Japan Tomokazu Seki
English language Greg Ayres
Flag of South Korea Kim Seung Jun
Personal Info
Gender Male
Birthday April 18 (Aries)[1]
Height 175 cm[1]
Weight 61 kg[1]
Blood Type B[1]


Jun Kitagawa (北川 潤 Kitagawa Jun?) is Yuichi's friend who has a crush on Kaori. It has been hinted at that Nayuki had a crush on him in middle school. Jun is a fun and active person. Sometimes, he gets jealous of Yuichi because he thinks Yuichi gets all the girls.



Jun is a youthful student who has a fair complexion. He has short, straight blonde hair, with the fringe coming down to his eyes. He also has an anime antenna hair ahoge (アホ毛?), which stands up at the top of his head.

Jun has brown eyes and is usually seen wearing his school uniform. When not in his uniform, Jun can be seen wearing a jump suit, such as at the ballroom dance or Shiori's birthday party at the cafe.


Jun is a friend of Yuichi's who sits behind him in their classroom. Before long they even start exchanging friendly banter, such as noting the fact that they always wear the same clothes to school due to the dress code. Viewers do not see a lot of him in the first anime adaptation. Jun has a crush on Kaori Misaka and will often follow her around despite Kaori's dismissal of his romantic affection. He is seemingly there for little more than character development, as well as being one of the two male characters that are given names.

Role In The StoryEdit

Jun's main involvement in the story is in Mai's arc after the event at the ballroom dance. The student council president, Kuze, wanted to expel Mai from the school for what happened at the dance despite her not being the direct cause of the damages. Jun, who was on the council that organized the dance, makes it seem like he knew all along that Mai would put on her "show" for the other students, though he had no idea that it would get out of hand. This puts most of the blame on him, saving Mai from expulsion. While Kuze does not really believe this, he concedes to this single defeat, though does not want to easily back down from the situation. Another small direct involvement related to Jun is at the beginning of Kanon's story when he is the one that first spots Shiori Misaka standing outside in the snow during school.

Quotes Edit

  • “I said I’m not a porter!”


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