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The City of Snow (雪の街 Yuki no machi) is the name of the city in which the events of Kanon take place in. Many of the locations are based on the Moriguchi area of Osaka.

Shopping District

The shopping district is featured throughout the story when the characters go into town, and especially whenever Ayu appears in the early story. There are multiple shops there, including a Taiyaki stall, bookstore, CD store, supermarket, and cafes.

The shopping district is a Shōtengai, a style of Japanese commercial district running along a certain street and often connecting to the nearest train station.


Hyakkaya (百花屋 House of One Hundred Flowers) is a café that Yuichi and friends eat at over the course of the series.


The park is where Yuichi and Ayu first meet Shiori.

High School

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Wheat Field

The high school that Yuichi attends was built ten years ago on land which used to be a large wheat field, which held a special meaning to Mai Kawasumi.

Minase Residence

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The station served as a meeting place for Yuichi and Ayu seven years ago. In the near vicinity of the station is the hospital and cinema. Ayu is often seen waiting on a bench at the station waiting for Yuichi to return after his departure seven years ago.


The forest contains Yuichi's secret place he would visit seven years ago, a clearing with the largest tree in the forest in the middle. Yuichi took Ayu there and she climbed the tree. One day, she was sitting on a branch when a strong gust of wind caused her to fall, leaving her body temporarily paralyzed and ultimately causing her to slip into a coma.

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