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AceDefective3113 AceDefective3113 10 May 2019

current priorities

(personal notes- ignore)

  • Finish quotes (2006 and 2002) 
  • Finish summaries for 2006 
  • Begin summaries for 2002
  • Rewatch for character appearances in episodes
  • Possible(?) rewrite for character descriptions
  • Add files for music? (copyright)
  • Translate/ find translator for manga and light novel (stretch)
  • Finish 2002 galleries? (no 1080p available) 

To be amended 

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Okaminarutofan999 Okaminarutofan999 16 November 2016


Made these out of boredom, hue.

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Okaminarutofan999 Okaminarutofan999 11 November 2016

Wiki Tasks

This blog is mostly just meant for me and AceDefective3113 to have an organized list of things that need to be done here.

However, if anyone else comes across this, they can help too!

1. Episode and character galleries need to be completed. (In progress)

2. Soundtrack pages need to be made, and sound files need to be added to their templates.

3. Most pages need to be rewritten, as most are a direct copy from Wikipedia. (In progress)

4. Pages with the Stub category need more information added to them, and pages with the Cleanup category need to be rewritten.

5. Most character pages only go into detail about the 2006 version, but don't really talk about the events in the 2002 version, the visual novel, or the manga. Since there are a lot of differ…

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Norleon Norleon 20 May 2014


Hello, my name is Norleon and I'm an admin of the "K-ON Wiki". Recently, the idea came up to create an affiliation-group for all wikis containing content of animes made by Kyoto Animation, which includes your wiki as well. If you are interested to join the discussion about the project, please follow me on the K-ON Wiki. I and the wiki hope to see you there. :)

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