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Quotes Edit

  • “Uguu~... you’re such a meanie.”
  • “In that case, my first wish is… Please don’t forget about me. Even just ‘I met a weird girl in the snow’... Even that would be okay, as long as you remember me.”
  • "You’ve grown up, but you’re still just like the old Yuichi. Still just like the Yuichi that I liked.”
  • “Right now, the only reason I can keep smiling is because of you.”
  • “I wonder why parting is so sad. It must be because what I’ve always taken for granted is no longer a given.”
  • “But, I’m afraid of happiness... Uneasy... and afraid… That everything I see before me now might just be a dream…”
  • “My... wish is… Just for today, I want to go to school with you. Here, at a school just for the two of us.”
  • “Having two wishes come true is enough for me.”
  • “Please forget about me... Please just think of it... As if… I were never here...”
  • "I loved the changing seasons. Winter. A city of dancing snow. I loved dashing through the shopping district, leaving behind fresh footprints. Spring. A city of melted snow. I loved to pry away the small clumps of snow still remaining on the tree trunks with my hands. Summer. A city that has forgotten the cold of the snow. I loved gazing out at the misty streets from the gaps between the slanted umbrellas. Autumn. A city that foretells the arrival of the snow. I loved to look up at the clouds and catch the little white crystal that fell from them in the palm of my hands. And then, the season is Winter. The season of snow. The season where the city is all covered in white. I loved the changing seasons. But like a puddle frozen by the snow, time had stopped for me. Within this square room… Within a time without seasons… I’ve always been alone. Over and over again. Looking at the same scene inside a dream. Devoting myself to a night with no dawn… But… Slowly, the night begins to brighten."

  • "Uguu~"
  • "You're right! I have wings! Cute wings!"
  • “I bet I’m the only one who’s ever run into a tree during an emotional reunion scene between friends who haven’t met in seven years”
  • "I dream about the day I will awaken."
  • "I didn't attack you. I just hugged you."
  • "What's a cell phone?"
  • “Under the warm blanket, the dream comes to an abrupt end when Mom shakes you awake.”
  • “Huh? That’s the cat that stole the taiyaki!”
  • "I think I’ll be able to forget the sadness.”

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