The cover of Anemoscope

Anemoscope is an arrange album released by Key for the Kanon visual novel. It was packaged with the first edition of the Kanon visual novel on June 4, 1999. Ten of the twelve tracks on the album are arrange versions of background music featured in the visual novel. They were arranged by Shinji Orito, Magome Togoshi, and Kazuya Takase of I've Sound.

The last two tracks are the original versions of the game's two main theme songs, "Last regrets" and "Where the Wind Reaches". Both of the theme songs were sung by Ayana.

Track list Edit

  1. Pure Snows
  2. Last regrets
  3. Shōjo no Ori
  4. Kaze o Matta Hi
  5. Yuki no Shōjo
  6. Tōdo Kōgen
  7. Hidamari no Machi
  8. The Fox and the Grapes
  9. Kigi no Koe to Hibi no Zawameki
  10. Egao no Mukōgawa ni
  11. Umaretate no Kaze
  12. Kaze no Tadoritsuku Basho

Trivia Edit

  • Altogether, this soundtrack is 54 minutes and 47 seconds long.
  • This is the first soundtrack released for the Kanon visual novel.
  • An anemoscope is a device that is no longer used. It was invented to show the direction of the wind, or to foretell a change of wind direction or weather.
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