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Akiko Minase



Kanji 水瀬 秋子
Rōmaji Minase Akiko
Voice Actor Flag of Japan Yūko Minaguchi
English language Joanne Bonasso
Personal Info
Gender Female
Birthday September 23 (Libra)[1]
Height 165 cm[1]
Weight 50 kg[1]
Three Sizes B86/W57/H83[1]
Blood Type O[1]
Relatives Nayuki Minase (daughter), Yuichi Aizawa (nephew)


Akiko Minase (水瀬 秋子 Minase Akiko?) is Nayuki Minase's mother and Yuichi Aizawa's aunt.



Akiko has purple-tinged blue hair. Instead of letting her hair fall down like Nayuki's, she keeps hers in a long braid, which she usually places over her right shoulder. Like her daughter's, Akiko's hair parts at the middle and flows down the sides.

Akiko is slightly taller than Nayuki. She has a light complexion and light blue eyes. She is also usually seen smiling. She most often wears a light pink cardigan over a white, long-sleeved shirt.


Akiko is a kind and caring person. She is a great cook, and is proud of her special and mysterious jam, which no one likes. It's unknown if she has tasted it or if she likes it.

She tends to answer yes and no very quickly, usually in one second. For example, when Makoto asked if she could keep Piro, Akiko said yes right after the question.

Since she is a mother, Akiko is adept in household work, and is always willing to be there for her family for moral support.


Nayuki's father left Akiko when she was quite young, as Nayuki once says to Yuichi that "she had never seen her father's face".[2]


  • Akiko is Yuichi's mother's younger sister.[3]
  • Her name (Akiko) literally means "Child of Autumn", reflecting in her calm demeanor and birth date.

Quotes Edit

  • “Welcome home. You look like you’ve had a hard day.”
  • “Then maybe she’s been waiting all this time for you to come back, perhaps.”
  • “Yuichi san, it’s not nice to doubt people’s word.”
  • “I can’t be a replacement for your mother, but I think I can be something like family.”
  • A long time ago, a child climbed that tree and fell while she was playing… They cut it down so the same thing wouldn’t happen again, but the girl who had fell from that tree back then… She lost consciousness for 7 years, but they say she woke up this morning… I’m sure that girl’s name was…"