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This page is about the anime episode. For the musical composition, see Hidamari no Machi

A dream... I'm inside a dream... Just the same view over and over again... I wish for only one thing in that dozy state. I wish I will see a different sky when I awake.

— Monologue by Ayu.
Kanon 2002 Anime Episode 2
A Sunny Town
Kanji 日溜まりの街
Rōmaji Hidamari no Machi
Release Date 7 February 2002
Production Staff
Screenplay Ryota Yamaguchi, Hiroaki Sotoyama
Storyboard Naoyuki Itou
Episode Director Junichi Fujise
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A Sunny Town (日溜まりの街, Hidamari no Machi?) is the second episode of the 2002 anime series Kanon.


Yuichi attends his first day at his new school, and later meets Shiori Misaka after another run-in with Ayu. The next day he finds Shiori visiting the schoolyard.